How We'll Win

Our district could flip the House — here’s our plan to do it.

A Modern Campaign

I’d never heard of “moral victories” before our current election cycle.

What I learned as a small business owner is that at the end of the day, you’re either successful or you’re not. That outcome is determined by how well you serve others and execute on your plan.

This simple idea is our campaign’s blueprint.

If we learned anything from the last election, it’s that politics as usual — including campaigns and their candidates — isn’t working for real Americans. That’s why we’re running a modern campaign and learning from grassroots organizations, nonprofits, and companies.

We believe that:

The medium is the message — Everything we do, from the design of our website to the events we host, reflects who we are and what you deserve. When we make mistakes (and we will make mistakes), we will apologize and learn from them.

Policy Matters — It’s a basic premise, but it’s not the norm. That’s why our campaign’s first hire was a policy director, not a campaign manager or fundraiser.

We’re humans, not robots — Twitter, Facebook Live, blog posts, explainer videos… the list goes on. There are a lot of fancy tools out there, but ultimately, while digital makes us efficient, being human is what makes us effective.

We’ve got bills, and we know you do, too. — We’ll always be clear and upfront with you about the real-world impact of your donation, and we promise we’ll stretch those dollars as far as they can go.

How can we help you? — It sounds simple, but it’s not asked enough. This is the first question we will ask our friends and neighbors who are fighting for our values and for our country, whether you intend to vote for us or not.

Meet the Team

  • Brad Deutsch

    Legal Counsel

    Brad Deutsch
  • Derek Frempong

    Chief Technology Officer

    Derek Frempong
  • Heidi Stukkie

    Executive Assistant / Scheduler

    Heidi Stukkie
  • Liz Martinez

    Digital Director

    Liz Martinez
  • Jennifer May

    Compliance Advisor

    Jennifer May
  • Jeremy Staub

    Technology Advisor

    Jeremy Staub
  • Sarah Hurwitz

    Communications Advisor

    Sarah Hurwitz
  • Karan Jain

    Technology Advisor

    Karan Jain

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