Who's With Us?

congressman eric swalwell (CA-15)

"Brian has the exact vision, tech background, and critical experience serving President Obama in the White House that we need to help solve our nation’s emerging challenges."

eric swalwell_square

Former SEnator Bill Bradley (New Jersey) 

"We need people in Congress who understand technology and where our country could go. We need that leadership and Brian will provide it and I know he'll do a great job for the people of District 45."


senator heidi heitkamp (North dakota)

"We need people who know how to get things done. People with new perspectives, common sense, and sharp thinking. That's why Brian Forde will be great for Orange County."

heidi heitkamp_square

Former congressman Patrick Murphy (FL-18)

"Brian is passionate about solving the climate crisis we face as a nation. I know from the work he performed at the White House that he is the forward-thinking leader we need in Congress."



former irvine mayor

"Brian represents the best chance to challenge Mimi's outdated thinking. He's not afraid to fight for progressive values and offers us a bright, new vision for our democracy. He's part of a new generation of leaders who know that solutions can only be found when we make the interests of people -- and our planet -- a bigger part of the conversation."



former huntington beach mayor

"At a time when fake news is undermining our elections, cyber attacks are threatening our national security, and the Equifax hack is destroying our personal privacy -- Brian will tap into the world-renowned science and tech knowledge that fuels our local economy and is critically important to addressing the key challenges facing our country."

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a program of Everytown for Gun Safety, the Country's largest gun violence prevention advocacy organization

"Thank you again for standing up for gun violence prevention and recognizing gun safety."

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Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Orange County

Brian -- the son of an immigrant, the only Spanish-speaking candidate in the race for CD45, and a firm supporter of compassionate immigration reform, DACA, and standing against Trump's xenophobia and racism -- is proud to have earned the recommendation of the Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Orange County.


Orange County Young Democrats

There are 34,436 Democrats in District 45 between the ages of 18-35. Brian is delighted to have earned the support of this powerful group of voters deeply concerned about our future...because they are our future.


jimmy wales

founder, wikipedia

"I'm supporting Brian because I think it's really important, particularly in this moment in history, that we have people in government who understand technology."


Tim O'Reilly

technologist/Author and Founder, O'Reilly Media

"We like to think of a new Congressman as having no power, but actually knowledge is power. That's why this election matters so much, because we need people who understand science and technology in Congress."


314 action

400,000 AMericans committed to electing scientists + STEM professionals to office

"314 Action is proud to endorse STEM leader Brian Forde who will fight to protect science and stand up to climate deniers."

314 action_square

Danielle Serbin

Chair, Orange County Young Democrats

"As a constituent of CD-45 and the Chair of OCYD, I’m proud to endorse Brian. Young Dems make up more than 25% of the district's voters. Technology is second nature to millennials; we understand the powers and inherent dangers of tech. Sadly, Congress does not. Brian's background in technology and his experience in government and business are exactly what is needed in Washington to deal with America's most pressing issues."


gloria sefton

co-founder, saddleback canyons conservancy

"It's been a long time since I've been this inspired by a candidate. Brian Forde was born on Earth Day, believes in science and climate change, and grew up here in our district. He helped shape policy in the White House, is passionate about protecting our planet, and will fight to conserve our open spaces and natural resources. He's a doer. That's what we need."

Gloria Sefton

sue knight deutsch

cantor/Author, laguna hills

"From the moment I heard Brian Forde speak, I was struck by his passion for truth and accountability in Congress. With a proven history of success in the White House and in bringing people together, he inspires me with his positive vision for a better world using technology, and a voice that speaks across generations and political lines for the greater good."


Natasha Ravinand

Founder, She dreams in code

"As an activist and author, I'm constantly inspired by Brian's knowledge of the technical issues at hand and his proven plans to lead us into a brighter, more educated tomorrow. I have no doubt that Brian is the best choice for a district which values science, integrity, and reason for all its constituents."


abdi ahmed

owner, netserve systems, TRAbuco canyon

"As an immigrant, a business owner and a father, I want leaders who are able to shape a better future for all of us. Brian Forde has the knowledge, vision and experience we need in Congress. His background will make him an effective representative for a district that believes in the value of science, technology and education."



author and educator, irvine

"As an author, educator and concerned citizen, I am excited by the opportunity we have to elect a 21st century thinker to Congress. Brian Forde understands the complex problems we face as a country and has a track record for getting things done. We deserve better leadership, and Brian's ideas inspire me."


linda levine

former tustin teacher of the year

"As a veteran of the Tustin Unified School District, I’ve had many wonderful, bright and promising students. However, few jump to mind as more impressive than Brian Forde."



Director of Product Management, GOOGLE

"If there was a person that perfectly represents our district, my friends, my family and my neighbors – it would be Brian. He’s genuine, honest, smart, and understands science and technology. I trust Brian to know how to keep us competitive in a rapidly changing world."


linda minor
& carolyn off

BRIAN's middle school teachers, tustin

"We’ve known Brian for more than 20 years and have always been impressed with his work ethic and character. He is an excellent listener and problem solver. If you want honesty and integrity in government, Brian is the candidate you want to elect."

Off & Minor-1

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